HOR'DOGWALKING and concierge services

Just like a good hor d'oeuvre WE make your dog happy for the main course!        
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*We provide behavior modification upon request during walks, hikes, and/or beach trips at additional

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  1. Hike a la carte

    1-3 Hour Hike- Dogs that exercise are well behaved with a healthier body. Dogs need exercise more than simple walks or back yards to release energy. These hikes they will run, play, and stimulate there minds. Pick up and drop off included.
  2. BU DE FUN

    Bu de Fun- Nothing like the beaches in Malibu to give your dog a super fun day. Between the waves, sand, sun, and play your dog will sleep like a baby when arriving home. ​(Bath available upon request)
  3. WALKS

    Walk or Run- We will come to you and give proper exercise and fun in your neighborhood. One on one or group upon request.

    Going away a few hours, days, weeks? We will put your mind at ease by responsibly taking care of your beloved family member and your home (water plants, gather mail, feed fishor cats at no additional cost)





No crates, lots of love and beds. We will also take your dog on hikes and to the beach for no additional charge while you are having fun on vacation or working on a business trip.

Just like humans, dogs get sore muscles, aches, and pains. Treat you dog to a relaxing massage from our certified masseus and they will thank you for it.
We create amazing birthdays and memories!!!
From the party theme, cake, decoration, invitations for guest, and supervising while you and your dog focus on having fun. 
Safe transportation for your pets for vet visits, trip, or airport, etc. Also, we provide delivery service for your pet's food.


Chef Rocky and staff will help your dog's disposition, demeanor, and attitude. Utilizing hikes, meditation, walks, and positive reinforcement will align your dog with his or her zest for life.  We cater to ​ALL-AMERICAN DOGS!!!!! (any breed, unneutered, show dogs, puppies or old timers)
Just like us your pooch needs the physical and mental stimulation of the outside world.  Being trapped in a backyards and once in a blue moon walks will not help your dog to release the pent up energy. That energy will turn into aggression, frustration, anxiety, and disobedience. Check out our combo specials on our services menu as a way to turn this around!!!  
Our mission is simple: Provide one-on-one fun, love, and care to your animal family member. 
Pristine, professional, and punctual service in Santa Monica, Malibu, Palisades, Venice, Marina Del Ray, and Beverly Hills.
  1. "Great Service"
    Words can't describe the love combined with efficiency that I get from this company. Love because I see how happy my dog is when he returns from the hikes. Efficiency because I know my dog is safe and anything I request they always make sure too accommodate me. Jennifer Barr
  2. "Good price"
    To have high quality service and great prices is something I was really looking for and happy my neighbor recommended these people. Michael Goldstein


My dogs fell in love with them from the moment they first met.!!! They are wonderful, loving, and caring dog people who will treat your dog as if they are your own. I have never seen my dogs happier or more excited when they see them coming. I gaureentee your dogs will feel the same way too!!
Judy Tyler


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